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Lower All Taxes and Fees on Californians

California has the fifth-highest tax burden on individuals in the country. This model is unsustainable. In reality, the state of California has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Laurie will never vote to raise taxes or fees on Californians. Instead, she will be a strong advocate for reducing waste within the current system to get better results for the people of California. 

Laurie’s record for the City of Laguna Niguel shows that fiscal responsibility works. As a member of the city council, she helped institute a Pay As You Go budget process rather than loaning money through bonds. The policy had an immediate impact, leading to City Hall being built on time and under budget, and continues to make local government more effective and efficient. 

Stop Sacramento's Wasteful Government Spending

Governor Newsom and the liberals in Sacramento believe that the solution to everything is more intervention from Sacramento. Mayor Davies has proven on the Laguna Niguel City Council that you can invest in the community while keeping taxes low. 

Laurie will bring her city council experience with her to Sacramento. She will be a voice of reason to the out of control spending by Newsom and his liberal allies. California needs to rein in spending on wasteful projects and focus on becoming more efficient. Laurie will work with her colleagues to reinvest duplicative or wasteful funds back into communities or return them to the taxpayers.

Keep South County Safe

Laurie is the candidate in this race that has been endorsed by Orange County law enforcement. Sheriffs Barnes and Hutchens support Laurie’s candidacy because they know she puts the safety of her community first, and she’ll do the same in Sacramento. 

Laurie believes that AB 109, Prop 47 & 57 have only emboldened criminals in our state and limit the ability of our law enforcement officers to put felons behind bars. Laurie believes in repealing these measures or, at the very minimum, reforming them, so they are less harmful to the people of California.

As Mayor, keeping Laguna Niguel a safe place to live has always been a top priority for Laurie. She has worked with the Orange County Fire Authority and the American Red Cross to install fire alarms in 86 in-home visits. This effort installed over 300 fire alarms and educated over 200 residents on the use of fire alarms. 

Laurie has also worked with the local police department to provide education on anti-bullying programs, teen driving safety, and to increase the number of Neighborhood Watch programs by 30%. 

During her time on the city council, she worked with her colleagues to add two police officers to the payroll to better enforce speeding and DUI’s. Most cities are making cuts, but Mayor Davies believes that investing in our communities is critical, and that is why Laguna Niguel has been named one of the ten safest cities in California.

Invest in Infrastructure

As a member of the Orange County Transportation Authority since 2017, Laurie understands the need to invest in our infrastructure. During her time on the OCTA, Laurie and her colleagues have made real progress towards improving the quality of roads and bridges across Orange County. She has dutifully focused on projects that improve commuters lives and keep the community safe, such as the major three-phase improvement I-5 widening from San Clemente to 73 to El Toro or the I-405 (SR-73 to I-605) project.

Laurie has seen firsthand how the intersection of city, county, state, and federal can come together to improve our roads and bridges. She has deep experience in how these moving parts work and will use that credibility to work with others in Sacramento.

Fight Corruption & Bring Transparency and Ethics Back to Sacramento 

Over the last twelve months, there have been three members of the state assembly who have been forced to resign. Surprisingly, Bill Brough is not one of them despite facing credible charges from multiple women for improper actions towards them. He is also facing an investigation by the state for misuse of campaign funds. 

The actions of Sacramento politician Bill Brough only highlight the need to restore ethics in an immoral town. Laurie believes that we must continue to fund the watchdogs who review campaign spending to ensure that members are not living lavish lifestyles on campaign contributions. This type of unethical behavior needs to be rooted out of Sacramento.

Also, the one-party domination in Sacramento only leads to politicians abusing the budgeting system to push resources to contractors and friends rather than those that will do the best work for the state. There needs to be a robust review process in place to protect taxpayers' dollars. The taxpayers of California deserve nothing less.

Solve the Homelessness Crisis

Laurie believes that the policies of Governor Newsom and the extreme liberals in Sacramento have led to the level of homelessness we see today. With 7,000 homeless people living in Orange County, this has become a severe crisis and needs to be called just that. As the next Assemblymember from South County, Laurie will work with her colleagues in Sacramento to find a bipartisan solution.

There is no one size fits all solution to this problem. Homelessness can stem from financial issues, mental health problems, or a personal decision (which is illegal) and any approach needs to understand the multi-faceted nature of this crisis. 

These are three distinct problems that require three separate solutions. The people of the 73rd deserve someone who will take a leadership role on this issue, and Laurie will do just that.

Focus on Community Improvement

Laurie does not believe that the state should be involved in projects that would needlessly tear communities apart or impact homes and businesses in the community. All our infrastructure projects should focus on allocating our resources to traffic relief, and she would oppose spending those resources on projects that do anything else.
At the same time, we need to make sure that there are enough routes for people to evacuate in an emergency. Laurie kick-started this effort on the Orange County Transportation Authority by supporting a project to widen the Ortega, a one-lane road on an important route. As our population continues to increase east of Highway 5, we need to make sure we have the infrastructure necessary to meet demands in an emergency.

Address Nuclear Waste in Southern California

The nuclear waste currently held in Southern California poses a continued threat to residents in the area. Laurie believes that Sacramento has to work hand-in-hand with the federal government to remove the waste and minimize any possible threats from natural disasters.

Protect Prop 13 and Oppose the Split Roll Ballot

Since its enactment, Proposition 13 has consistently saved Californian’s money and Laurie would work to protect such a significant measure from tax-hungry liberals in California.

As California considers a dangerous edit to Prop 13 by adding taxes to commercial properties, we need sound economic policy now more than ever. Laurie opposes any measure that would disrupt the good that Prop 13 has brought California, especially one that so obviously raises taxes.

Laurie has consistently opposed changes and updates to Pro 13, a measure that is overwhelmingly supported by Californians. As president of the Association of California cities, Laurie is currently working with local chambers, realtors, and Orange County Tax to educate our small businesses and residents. Laurie will work hard as your Assemblywoman to defeat this proposition, knowing that this is just the start of Sacramento trying to get more of our pocketbooks.

Meet Laurie Davies
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Laurie, like so many Californians, wasn’t born here. She visited California multiple times as a child, and it was during those trips she knew she wanted to live here as soon as she could. Laurie was born in Wisconsin, where she and her three brothers and one sister were raised by her parents Richard and Lois Davies. Her parents instilled in her the value of hard work and the importance of family. After graduating high school, she worked for a year, and in 1981 after saving enough money to buy a Cutlass Supreme, she moved west to attend Cal State Long Beach. 

Upon her arrival, she knew she made the right decision, and this is where she would call home. The values of hard work she learned growing up would serve her well during her college years. While attending school full-time, she worked nights and weekends as a waitress at the Queensway Bay Hilton to pay her way through college. Because she worked nights and weekends, she was in a position to earn her degree and graduated with no debt. After graduating, she relocated to Orange County where she was the General Manager for two different restaurants, from there she handled the events at the Private Monarch Bay Beach Club in Dana Point. It was during her ten years there that she saw the need in the area for a professional wedding planner. In 2000 Laurie decided that the time was right for her to start her own planning business, and she opened Five Star Wedding & Events, which she successfully still operates today.

Over the course of nearly the last twenty years as an entrepreneur and small business owner, Laurie became active in the community. As a long-standing Chamber member, she recognizes the importance of promoting the business community and enacting policies at the state and local level that help encourage businesses to expand and thrive. In recognition of her involvement in the community, she was awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award from the Lions Club.

Laurie was first elected in 2012 to the Laguna Niguel City Council in 2012. She was appointed Mayor in 2015 and re-elected in 2016. Currently, she is serving as Mayor. During her time in office, she has a proven record of accomplishment. She served as a Board Member on the Transportation Corridor Agency, Chaired the League of Cities Committee on Transportation, Communication and Public Works, was elected to the OCTA where she serves on the Transit Committee and Chairs and the Legislation Committee as well as sitting on the Board of the Association of California Cities Orange County where she serves as President.

Throughout Laurie’s time on City Council, safety issues have been a top priority to her. She was appointed to the Orange County Fire Authority Board in 2017. She partnered with police services to establish programs including Girls Empowerment, Anti-Bully Prevention, and Teen Drivers Safety. She also worked in close collaboration with parents that lost their children to prescription drug abuse. To Laurie, education is everything when it comes to protecting our children and teens.

Laurie lives in Laguna Niguel with her husband, Neil. Her primary areas of interest include transportation, public safety, and economic development. Laurie is a strong proponent of local self-governance and is committed to protecting and restoring local control.


California Republican Party
Republican Party of Orange County
U.S. Representative Mimi Walters, ret.
State Board of Equalization Member Diane Harkey, ret.
Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes
Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, ret.
Mayor John Mark Jennings, City of Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Fred Minagar, City of Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Elaine Gennawey, City of Laguna Niguel
Councilmember Robert Ming, City of Laguna Niguel, ret.
Councilmember Linda Lindholm, City of Laguna Niguel, ret.
Mayor Diane Dixon, City of Newport Beach
Mayor Mike Munzig, City of Aliso Viejo
Councilmember Jamey Federico, City of Dana Point
Councilmember Barbara Krogerman, City of Laguna Hills, ret.
Councilmember Anne Figueroa, City of Rancho Santa Margarita
Mayor Pro Tem Tony Beall, City of Rancho Santa Margarita
Councilmember Mike Vaughn, City of Rancho Santa Margarita, ret.
Mayor Christina Shea, City of Irvine
Councilmember John Taylor, City of San Juan Capistrano
Mayor Mike Posey, City of Huntington Beach
Councilmember Barbara Delgleize, City of Huntington Beach
Mayor Chuck Puckett, City of Tustin
Councilmember Scott Voigts, City of Lake Forest
Mayor Tara Campbell, City of Yorba Linda
Mayor Pro Tem Beth Haney, City of Yorba Linda
Councilmember Craig Young, City of Yorba Linda, ret.
Board Member Jim Reardon, Capistrano Unified School District
Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Kuo, City of Irvine
Lincoln Club of Orange County
The New Majority of Orange County
Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs

In The News

Laurie Davies for Assembly District 73
Orange County Register - February 6, 2020 - by The Editorial Board

Voters in Assembly District 73 have long been clear on the sort of candidate they want to represent them in Sacramento: a principled conservative who will fight for fiscal responsibility. The candidate who best fits that description on the March 3 ballot is Laguna Niguel Mayor Laurie Davies.

Of course, the primary race for Assembly District 73 is a bit unusual, in that Republican incumbent Assemblyman Bill Brough is running for re-election amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct and questionable campaign expenditures.

Republican and conservative organizations, including the Orange County Republican Party and the Lincoln Club of Orange County,  have not only backed Davies to oust the incumbent but have also called on Brough to resign.

Whether he does or not, we believe that voters of Assembly District 73 deserve to be represented by a principled candidate free from the litany of scandals currently befalling Brough.

Laurie Davies, on her own terms and her own merits, is an Assembly candidate who can be counted on to represent the interests of the district while standing up to a Sacramento supermajority that routinely pushes the limits of state power.

Laurie Davies came to California decades ago to pursue the California Dream, a dream she recognizes is now out of reach to many Californians because of the overreach of state government and massive rates of taxation.
As a long-time small business owner, she knows well the burden that California imposes on businesses, and will push the state to spend within its means.

And she can be counted on to work on a more collaborative and multi-faceted approach to homelessness that recognizes the need to address mental health as much as housing needs.

We believe that residents of AD73 would be best served voting for Laurie Davies to represent them in Sacramento.

The case against Bill Brough
Orange County Register - February 4, 2020 - by Fred M. Whitaker

As the chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County, I would like to explain why the OCGOP asked Assemblyman Bill Brough to withdraw from the race for the 73rd Assembly District.

As the Register reported on January 21, two other OC Republican organizations recently joined us in asking him to resign immediately: the Lincoln Club and The New Majority.

This is not a frivolous matter. Here is how we got to this position and it is Brough who put us there.

The complaints began with OC Supervisor Lisa Bartlett. As the Register recounted on June 21, 2019, Supervisor Bartlett “and three other women came forward with accusations that in recent years Brough had made aggressive, unwanted sexual advances against them.”

I personally sat down with two of the accusers, and then talked to Brough himself. I believed the women, while the assemblyman’s explanations rang hollow. Initially these women were anonymous, seeking to protect their families, but Assemblyman Brough retaliated by publicizing their full names, further victimizing these whistleblowers.

The accusations against Brough should not be conflated with the high-profile accusations in 2018 against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The accusations against Brough are different because they are not only recent and convincing, but they are from respected Republican women here in Orange County. These are women I know and trust.

Bartlett also filed a complaint in 2011 with the city of Dana Point when she was on the city council with Brough. She said, “I still have nightmares.” I believe her.

Two of the Republican women have filed complaints with the state Legislature and these investigations are ongoing. The results are likely to come out after the primary, but before the fall election.

As if that weren’t enough, the state Fair Political Practices Commission also is investigating Brough. Reported the Sacramento Bee, “He is accused of using the money to pay off his family’s cell phone bill, go out to fancy restaurants and take a personal trip to a Boston Red Sox game.”

And a new Register story on January 29 reported the “latest financial disclosures show he spent $57,000 in campaign funds during the second half of 2019 and first weeks of 2020 on flights, hotels, meals and entertainment — expenses similar to those that triggered an ongoing investigation by state authorities over potential misuse of campaign funds.”

That partying included blowing $13,000 taking 19 people to a Rolling Stones concert in the Bay Area, giving a new meaning to the song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

The FPPC said its investigation is ongoing and would give no timeline. But the Register estimated, based on the average times of investigations in similar cases, a conclusion could be reached in August – just as the election is heating up.

No doubt a Democratic opponent in the November 3 runoff election would take advantage of all these allegations. Although this has been a reliably Republican seat, with a 13-point registration advantage (41 percent to 28 percent), it’s one we can’t afford to lose.

The OCGOP has endorsed Laguna Niguel Mayor Laurie Davies.

As the 2018 election showed, Democratic candidates in Orange County are going to wield almost unlimited amounts of cash from the Bay Area tech billionaires. These oligarchs relish the chance to again elect OC candidates with the same Democratic policies that have turned San Francisco into a feces-strewn cesspool.

If Brough is one of the Top Two candidates who advances to the November runoff, Democrats will have eight long months to drag not only him, but all Republicans in Orange County through the mud.

As we rebuild the Republican Party in Orange County and all California, we need candidates who are beyond reproach – candidates who can win.

Fred M. Whitaker is the chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County.